October, 2016 News

International Dinner and Silent Auction

Hello, everyone, and welcome to our newsletter.

Some of you are asking how it went with the International Dinner and Silent Auction on October 1st. We’re happy to report it was lovely, emotional for some, generated unexpected poetry, and went altogether well.

Our gracious coordinator Shirley and her assistants did a great job decorating everything from live-goldfish centerpieces to the entire auction protocol. They also organized the buffet complete with flags identifying 11 countries trafficking children.

When Char said “international,” she truly meant it. Hats off to the private cooks and many restaurants who represented Australia, the Caribbean Sea, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, and of course our beloved USA!

Thank you as well to all the businesses that donated auction items. Bidders left smiling with their purchases.

For all the food, fun, and festivity, though, our focused reason for being there had to be expressed by our esteemed speaker, Maricella Carter, from Newport News. To guests unaware of the gravity of trafficking, her words were shocking but enlightening. With over 20 years in her field and in advocacy much longer than that, her expertise weighed importantly.

She knows all too well what it’s like to be called to a hospital for a victim mercilessly beaten and abused. And that’s just everyday life.

She spoke highly of our ultimate goal — refuge for the rescued — with Butterfly House being the first local safe house for under-aged girls.

She inspired everyone to hold the plight of these children in heart, broadcast awareness, and to support this labor with finances.

With flowers to show our deep appreciation for her, the evening ended.

But the vision doesn’t end.

It’s only beginning. To reiterate, a most noble event.

Thank you to every contributor and blessings until next time!