Give up a coffee, help build our Foundation

We are excited to share with you a new opportunity for donating to the Butterfly House.  

We’re asking our friends to give up a cup of coffee a month and share with their friends to do the same.  When you decide to give the Butterfly House $5 a month and share with 100 giving friends, your support just became $500.00.  

Once you’ve donated and shared, look for your name and your friends’ names on our donor foundation wall.  

Even though our safe home will be in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, it will welcome rescued girls from other states.  Trafficked and kidnapped victims are brought in from everywhere, many unaware of their locations.  

For example, when an Ohio father was selling his 6-year-old daughter online, a   Richmond, Virginia, man bid $45,000 for her purchase and transport.  

Fortunately, both the father and trafficker were arrested, but thousands — actually over 200,000 — minors are trafficked in the United States.

BUT we can make a difference.  Please become part of the Butterfly House community and we will build this safe house together!

Blessings to each of you.

In His service, 


Isaiah 58:6-8

Your donations make a difference!
Give up one coffee and invite a friend to do the same!