Butterfly House Annual Walk 2019

Dear Friends of Butterfly House,

You are invited to register today for our 2019 Annual Walk! This year it’s at Chesapeake City Park. We are walking to raise money to build the first ever faith based safe home for minor girls rescued from human trafficking in the Hampton Roads area.

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We plan to have a family picnic after the walk, plus music, and of course there’s lots of space to have fun at Chesapeake City Park.

Only $12 for registration, and $15 for your T-Shirt. If you get sponsored for $200 or more your T-Shirt is FREE! ($15 balance for the T-Shirt is due the day of event).

As always ALL proceeds go towards building our Safe Home.

Register Online: Butterfly House Walk June 9th 2019 on our website
(Look for the info page to pop-up and if it does not come up, refresh the page.)

Download our Advocate Form from our website and start asking for sponsors today! Don’t forget, if you get $200 in sponsorship support, your T-shirt is FREE. (A $15.00 value.)

Call us at (757) 839-9932, or email us at info@thebutterfly.house if you have any questions?

Our Walk event is posted on our Facebook page. Click the link below to check it out!

Facebook Butterfly House yearly Walk at Chesapeake City Park – June 9th 2019

This is my favorite event of the year and I look forward to seeing you all there!

Sarah Beveridge
Vice President
The Butterfly House
James 1:27

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Come Alongside Us and Let's Build This House!