January 2021 Update

January 2021 Update!

Greetings Butterfly House Friends,

As I write this newsletter you are very much on my heart. I pray everyone is safe and well, and in this New Year each of you will be blessed with an abundance of love, joy and peace!

The Butterfly House is excited to announce the establishment of Saving Grace in the Shenandoah Valley area, for ladies 18 and over. We are striving to open our doors in the beginning of March. Presently, we are preparing the home . The home is 4500 square feet and is nestled on 20 acres.We already have in place equine and art therapy, and plan to develop agricultural therapy in the spring. The ladies will receive counseling and an opportunity to complete their education.

The Butterfly House is a faith based organization and because of our convictions we faithfully tithe. Therefore, with every dollar donated, we have donated 10% to local, national and international organizations. Faith based organizations who help ladies, girls and boys who are trafficked and abused by human trafficking!

Countries we have given to include: Israel, Philippines,Turkey,Syria,Cuba,Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Uganda. We partnered with an organization in the United Stated to open a home for ladies 18 and over. Presently, this home has 5 residents rescued from sex trafficking. One lady told me last May,”I would be dead now, if I was not able to come to The Butterfly House.” We have given clothes and food to numerous local organizations in the Hampton Roads area, all because of you and your amazing generosity!

With Covid 19 rampant, The Butterfly House had to cancel three major fundraisers. I must confess I was very concerned and fearful for our future! Also, with the pandemic trafficking has skyrocketed by at least 40%, especially with minors [ 9 to 11] years of age. I know of two safe homes that were forced to close, because of a lack of funds!

However, GOD had other plans for TBH! He gave me Psalm 138:8; ” The LORD will vindicate me; YOUR love, LORD, endures forever, do not abandon the work of YOUR hands.” GOD was amazingly faithful in 2020 and because of HIS faithfulness, we are opening Saving Grace, a division of The Butterfly House! It is our earnest desire to also open Amazing Grace in the Hampton Roads area, we will continue to pray for this to become a reality!

Our first fundraiser for 2021 (Operation:FREEDOM) will be held the entire month of January. In 2020, the White House issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring January, as a National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month. Our website: https://thebutterfly.house will give you all the information you will need to either participate in the walk or sponsor my walk. It is my goal to walk 50 miles the month of January. I believe with the LORD’s help I can accomplish this, as I walk for the FREEDOM OF THOSE ENSLAVED in sex trafficking! If you are unable to support me, you may want to just order a new tee shirt; we have 2 lovely new designs!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support, with your generosity, we are able to be JESUS’ heart and hands to those who need a FREEDOM, HE can only give. Please consider helping us continue the fight, as we go into the devil’s den to bring these young ladies out of darkness and into the LOVING LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST!

IN His Service,


Micah 6:8